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How are you different from your opponent?

We’re different in our core principles: I’m a staunch fiscal conservative, determined to the voice of the 39th district on how our taxpayer dollars are spent and as an advocate for the elimination of wasteful spending.

My opponent has advocated for massive spending on un-necessary projects including the expansion of PA Turnpike 43 connector to downtown Pittsburgh

Our Experience levels are different: My career has included leadership roles in Project Management, Collaborative Decision Making, Contract Negotiations, Budgets, Large Scale corporate Acquisitions and P&L responsibility for multi-million dollar projects.

I’ve owned small businesses and interacted with the highest levels of Corporate Management. Most significantly, I had direct oversight of hundreds of employees, vendors and contractors over the course of my career.

Most importantly our Perspective is different. The betterment of the families and small business community should be the focus of our State Representative. Raising a family is difficult. It takes commitment and self-sacrifice. In return you share the values of your community.

You can’t just hand out campaign literature and wave in the parade on community day and expect to connect with families.

As our families grow, our outlook changes and we become less self-serving and more concerned about our children’s future, the economy, our senior citizens and social issues.
Candidates like my opponent who have never raised a family are far less likely to understand this concept and unlikely to consider the best interests of the families when voting on legislation.

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